Robyn Thompson’s “Renovating Houses for Massive Profits!” Training Event

An Exciting Opportunity is Coming Your Way!

Traction REIA & Robyn Thompson the “Queen of Rehab” present…

Robyn Thompson Rehabbing Houses

Robyn is the nation’s leading expert on buying properties at deep discounts, renovating them at lightning speed and selling them quickly for huge chunks of cash.

Robyn has shared her knowledge with thousands of real estate investors. She is coming to Traction REIA to teach cutting edge strategies that will produce huge profits in today’s market.

Robyn has rehabbed 379 properties in her 14 years of investing and the majority of her profits were made on properties that were in a depressed market.

She will instruct you on,

  • — Her Buying Machine

  • — Where to Find Properties to Rehab for Huge Profit

  • — The 9 Types of Houses to Never Buy

  • — The Rehab Process

  • — Locating and Hiring the Best Contractors to Get the Job Done

  • — Pre-Screening & Controlling The 8 Contractors on A Dream Team

  • — The Magic Buying Formula to Ensure Huge Profits

  • — The 3 Critical Steps to Selling Houses in a Down Market

  • — The 21 Critical “WOW” Factors to Make the Home Sell

  • — 8 Marketing Strategies to Attract “A” Credit Buyers

  • — How to Pre-Screen Buyers in 4 Minutes to Make Sure They Qualify for a Loan

  • — And much more!

As you can see this will be a knowledge-packed day full of excitement and education. We look forward to seeing you at this great event.





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