Bill Noll Total Wealth Protection For You and Your Family Training Event

(On-Site Price: $69 Members / $89 Non-Members)

An Exciting Opportunity is Coming Your Way!

Traction REIA & Bill Noll present a full-day training event…

Get Extraordinary Asset Protection Strategies Without Expensive Lawyers

Like you have not heard before…

— With TOTAL protection of all your assets

Without over complexity

Without adverse tax results

Without high IRS audit risk

Ø- — Without costing a fortune!

The Real Hidden Powers
of LLC’s That Will Save You Thousands

· — How to protect yourself
with only two LLC’s for any number of properties, save thousands

· — Become “Lawyer repellent” with Bill’s
Power Attorney Letter (Bill’s student saved $11,000)

· — Prevent legal disputes saving you lawyer
fees and stress

· — Shield your personal assets from

· — Protect your property equity with a
little-known yet powerful technique

· — Defend you against nasty IRS attacks

— Legally deduct all of your educational and start-up expenses even without having yet done a deal – These tax savings can be a major windfall for you this year!

· — Enable you to successfully operate
your real estate business

· — Much more!

On Saturday November 21st you will learn…

The much quicker way to the path of Wealth is to AVOID:

Overpaying taxes

IRS problems

Incompetent advisors


Other legal detriments!

You will learn how and save thousands with Bill Noll’s All-Day Saturday Presentation

— Tax-Saving Secrets Your CPA Does Not Know

Laugh & legally save thousands in taxes, every year

Avoid Costly IRS audits

Save accounting & legal fees

Avoid bad expensive advice

Create HUGE deductions with NO cash out, yet pocket tax-free cash

Deduct any amount of property losses with no limits

Avoid the BIG COSTS of being a dealer

Sell properties tax-free – keep all of the equity

Avoid entities that cause you to overpay taxes and get you audited by the IRS!

Tax Saving Strategies you can use the entire year January to December! Save more!!

Real Estate Investors…

A Properly structured LLC should give you all of these money saving benefits…

·Protect your personal assets

·Save you substantial amounts of taxes

·Defend you against IRS attacks

·Prevent legal disputes and save you legal fees and hassles

·Enable you to successfully operate your real estate business.

But Most do NOT!

The SOLUTION… Our upcoming “Total Wealth Protection For You and Your Family” training event!

The Real Hidden Powers of LLC’s

How to Set up and Operate Your Real Estate LLC for Maximum Legal Protection, Tax Savings and IRS Audit Proofing – Save $1,000’s – WITHOUT Expensive Lawyers

With Bill Noll, #1 speaker
on Wealth Protection in the country

PLUS: Includes how you can resurrect your existing LLC’s with
the right system and more.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to reap these benefits and
save $1,000’s every year!

Legally Deduct Real Estate Education, Travel And Other Expenses…Even If You Do NOT Have Income!

Real Estate Investors…

Do you have an LLC?


Are you using it properly?

Do you know how
to use it properly?

Can anyone pierce
it and get to you?

Are you willing to bet your family’s financial security on that?

Come learn how to use entities for maximum asset protection and
tax savings now. I’ve arranged for national tax and entity expert, Bill Noll,
to teach us.

Miss this at your own risk!

WARNING! Just about all attorneys, CPA’s and others, who form
entities, use bare bones, boilerplate worthless documents. Consequently, your
entity is set up and operated WRONG, because these poorly documented

– Do NOT shield you against lawsuits

– Do NOT defend you against IRS

– Do NOT save you taxes

Get the picture?

Sorry! We do not mean to upset you, but this is serious business –
your money and your financial security and liability!

Come learn how to do it all properly and legally for maximum tax savings
and asset protection…

PS: Learn how to legally deduct all of your educational and
start-up expenses without having yet made a dime or done a deal.

PPS: It’s a cold world out there and you want to make sure
that you have the warm fuzzy of a properly structured entity for maximum wealth protection and restful sleep.

Don’t miss this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to hear a foremost wealth-protection expert. Seating is limited.

As you can see this will be a knowledge-packed day full of excitement and education. We look forward to seeing you at this great event.


(On-Site Price: $69 Members / $89 Non-Members)